Last Updated on 18/07/2022

As you can see from looking through our website, we sell a lot of eco-business products and services – indeed this is all that we do. Well, actually, not quite all. You probably don’t know that can also help UK based companies ethically clear their offices of surplus materials and furniture. We’ve not marketed this fact, and yet every month we have several enquiries for help.

So how did it start? Well the story starts several years ago. Through our eco network, we got to know Green Works, who specialised in ethical office furniture collection in the London area. We loved what they did, and indeed promoted their service to our clients. Then sadly, out of the blue, they ceased to exist. This was very disappointing as their service was pretty unique and valued by its many clients.

But we got thinking – given that there is a clear demand from companies wanting to dispose of their unwanted furniture in an ethical manner (i.e. not sending it to landfill or incineration) surely there must be a way to continue the good work started by Green Works? So we decided to step in and provide a similar service, joining forces with a network of charities and ethical office clearance companies.

Ever since then, we’ve helped countless UK-based companies to collect their unwanted furniture and other assets. Where possible, we identify a charity to pick up the furniture free of charge. But if this is not possible – if the project involves a very large number of bulky items, or if the deadline is very tight, or if there are no charities interested in the items at that point in time – then we introduce the client to one of our hand-picked ethical and efficient office clearance partners, who quote a competitive fee to the client, without obligation. Our partners ensure that the items collected are re-used or recycled as much as is possible, and they themselves have charity contacts who also benefit.

So if your company is planning to down-size, relocate or for any other reason needs to dispose ethically of surplus furniture or other assets, do get in touch (0800 254 0995) and we’ll be delighted to help you, to the benefit of a charitable cause and the environment.

Plus, stay tuned, as we have some exciting news coming soon about a web-based platform which will make it even easier to trade your surplus business assets…


“Our office move meant a downsize operation and getting rid of some furniture and equipment. GreenBuying sounded ideal to avoid sending it to landfill and helping a charity in the process. They was great at getting the word out to the network of charities and it wasn’t long before I was hooked up with a charity helping the homeless. The process was explained very thoroughly and GreenBuying went out of their way to facilitate the connection. I would definitely recommend and use again!”

D.Harding, Office Manager, Alvanon

“As soon as we spoke to GreenBuying I got a good feeling about the professionalism and dedication of the organisation. My options were made very clear from the outset and a promise made that they would be in touch over the next few days. True to their word not only did you get in touch but you also put me in touch with an organisation and agreement reached. I really can’t thank your company enough for all the help you have given us”

P. Georgiou, Corsi & Partners Reinsurance

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