Last Updated on 18/07/2022

As founder of I have always been focused on two simple beliefs: first, that organisations create the biggest carbon and waste footprint on our environment; and second that those in purchasing roles within organisations make supplier selection and ordering/stock-holding decisions which in turn determine the extent of that footprint.

It was these two beliefs and my determination to use my purchasing knowledge to mitigate that footprint that led to the setting up of several years ago.

Our Schools Programme, still in its infancy, is about instilling in the next generation of consumers, the importance of challenging companies to reduce their footprint. Otherwise, as we continue to take more and more finite resources from Mother Earth, at some point we’ll run out of Earth, unless of course climate change doesn’t drastically reduce the World’s population, which could also happen.

So since the birth of GreenBuying, we’ve been trying our best – with limited resources – to get the message out there. But recently, we started to develop relationships with two highly credible UK based providers of ethical services to both organisations AND households. That’s fine, I thought. We’ll focus on the business-to-business aspects of their offering because that’s what is all about. Isn’t it?

All the marketing gurus say “stick to your market, focus and don’t offer all things to all people” and I understand why this is sensible. But then suddenly, conflicting with this advice, my eco light bulb moment arrived. Organisations have staff. That’s people who live in houses, who travel to and from the organisations. If we’re talking to people about helping their organisations to become more sustainable, surely these very people might also have an interest in making positive changes at home too?

So we’ve changed tack, shown some flexibility. After all, if we can encourage everyone we ever speak to that what they buy at work and at home has a direct impact on the health of our planet, and that there are very credible eco alternatives to what they’re already buying, surely means that we’re remaining true to our original vision and maximising our own impact.

So I can rest easy. If you’re reading this blog article with your ‘business’ buyer hat on, then please consider all products and services on display on And at long last – as it’s long overdue – if you have your ‘household’ hat on, perhaps as a member of staff at a UK organisation, we can serve you too. And your friends and family too. Whilst you may be put off by some of the items on sale which are more business-related, we can offer residential renewable energy, ethical personal insurances (where up to 25% of profits go to the Wildlife Trusts), and coming soon, personal mobile phones (where the profit pays for land to be protected for conservation projects). Plus we will continue to add further UK eco-friendly products and services for both organisations and households so watch this space!

I hope you appreciate our new household eco offerings!

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