Employee Wellbeing

Sustainable business extends beyond considering the natural environment. It equally requires full engagement with employee wellbeing. After all, happy staff means higher productivity and a happier society.

Employee Wellbeing – boosting morale & company success

We all know that us humans perform best in every sense when we are physically and mentally well. When we’re well we are creative, energised, able to problem-solve, productive and great team players. When we’re not the impact is felt by the individual, their families and the business in which they work. When employees are not physically and mentally well, we see a direct impact on:

  • Sickness Absence
  • Presenteeism
  • Attracting & Retaining Talent
  • Productivity
  • Maintaining a Positive Team Spirit & Morale
  • Balancing Employee Wellbeing with Business Priorities

Research has shown that an embedded, holistic, workplace wellbeing programme can see a return of up to £9 on every £1 invested. How many of your business investments can offer such a return?

GreenBuying’s partners, Wellbeing4Life, are passionate about all things wellbeing and about supporting clients to create a positive workplace culture by delivering evidence-based solutions that are embedded within the organisation. This means supporting them to build internal capacity for sustainable impact. This is not a ‘tick-box’ approach!

They have developed a unique model for workplace wellbeing that is designed to educate and empower, build capacity and remove barriers so that individuals, their colleagues and the business see a measurable difference.


Educate and empower – a range of evidence-based workshops that can be delivered on-line or face to face. They can also be delivered in bite-size webinars so that all staff are able to access information at a time that works for them. Topics include sleep, stress and resilience, nutrition for energy, movement and more. They also offer a First Aid for Mental Health Awareness qualification which is a powerful programme for helping to remove the stigma of mental health and to get people talking.

Build internal capacity – In order to make real culture change within the workplace they train Wellbeing Champions and First Aiders in Mental Health. These staff members drive the agenda forwards within the business and ensure the strategy is aligned to their business values and goals. They also provide coaching and education to the leadership team so that they can lead and role-model from the top. In addition, they train managers to spot the signs of poor mental health and wellbeing and initiate conversations early, before a situation has a negative impact on the individual, the team and the business.

Remove barriers – Through group and 1:1 coaching they support individuals to remove barriers to good mental health and wellbeing as sometimes knowledge alone is not enough. This can have a powerful impact for the individual but also for colleagues who are being negatively impacted too. This ripple effect can zap the morale and the success of whole teams.

Working with small and medium sized businesses

Arguably, small and medium sized businesses can face barriers in accessing staff wellbeing support; either because of limited budget or small staff numbers that make the costs unviable. That is why Wellbeing4Life have taken their proven model and created a bespoke wellbeing programme that brings together small businesses to share the cost and share the learning. The programme is delivered entirely online so that businesses from across the country can come together and gain the benefits that a physically and mentally well workforce can bring.

Contact us today

Wellbeing4Life understand the challenges that businesses are facing and would love to have a chat to explore how their programme may be able to help your employees, for the benefits of them and your business success. To learn more, call 0800 254 0995 or email [email protected] with your name, contact details and UK company name. We’ll then arrange for Wellbeing4Life to contact you without delay for a no obligation discovery call.