Schools Programme is not just about showcasing the best of British companies who produce eco friendly products. Its other key objective is to educate school children about sustainability and how their behaviour can make a difference to the planet. They are the next generation of consumers so we see it as vital that we educate them to be pro-environmental and challenge the companies who will sell to them as adults.

To achieve this objective, we volunteer time periodically working with schools, either on-site delivering presentations or off-site at conferences.

Click here to watch a short video clip of GreenBuying Founder, Matt Roper, talking about why was set up and the importance of sustainable procurement. It was filmed at the National Sustainable Schools Conference. Apologies for the poor sound quality of the clip.

Here are some examples of our interaction within the education sector in support of sustainability:

National Sustainable Schools Conference (University of Bristol)

“Your Green Futures” (University of Gloucestershire)

Recycling Presentation (Droitwich Spa High School)

Re-use, Reduce, Recycle Presentation (Dormer House School)

Inventing an Eco Product Workshop (Springbank Primary)

Sustainability and Recycling Assembly (Bridgewater Primary)

Sustainable Travel project with ThinkTravel (Dunalley Primary)

“Your Green Futures” (Kings Centre, Oxford)

Business Presentation (Sir Thomas Rich’s School)