Last Updated on 18/07/2022

In keeping with our previous eco office posts, here are some more tips to be greener in the workplace:

1. Use the Mailing Preference Service

This service is used by people who do not wish to receive marketing mail. This will reduce unwanted mail and the energy used in printing, delivery and disposal of it.

2. Business Cards

Business cards obviously use paper and ink, so try to limit their use. If possible, try to use recycled paper business cards.

3. Biomass Boilers

This can be an environmental alternative than conventional boilers. Biomass is an organic plant matter, such as wood or straw. Unlike using fossil fuel such as oil or coal, biomass is labelled as carbon neutral as the CO2 that is burnt is equal to the CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere during the plant’s life. Although they are more expensive to install than traditional boilers, according to the Energy Saving Trust, having a biomass boiler could save you £950 per year. With the soaring price of oil, this potential price saving could increase.

4. Solar Panels

Although this can be a big investment, companies are increasingly installing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on office roofs to generate electricity and so take less power from the national grid.

However there is some controversy in the UK concerning solar panels; the government is planning to reduce the feed-in tariff for large solar production. The feed-in tariff was designed so that electricity generated by solar could be bought by the National Grid at a subsidised price. The government is considering cutting this tariff for any solar installation that produces 50kw or more electricity. Analysts argue that this may put businesses off installing solar panels, but regardless of this threat, solar panels are likely to remain a popular green option for energy usage.

5. Turn the heating down!

Finally, a more simple tip- now that spring appears to be on its way, turn the heating or air conditioning down in your office. It is said that for every additional degree in temperature, you can pay an extra 8% in heating costs. This can be a quick and easy way of saving your business money whilst also being more energy efficient at the same time.

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