Last Updated on 18/07/2022 has a dual mission; first to inform, and then to provide practical help for buyers who seek to procure supplies in a way that does least harm to the environment. We do of course sell products via our webshop, but that’s not where it starts and ends. We believe that too many buyers are not considering the environmental impact of their activities, partly due to lack of knowledge, partly due to a misconception that buying green products necessarily cost more money. We also recognise that there are other ways in which organisations can help the environment ? by encouraging recycling (using our recycling bins), by encouraging the re-use of waste materials (hence our free-to-use waste exchange)

That’s why, when we were recently invited to make a presentation on ‘The importance of Recycling‘ during an assembly for Year 8s at Droitwich Spa High School in Worcestershire, we jumped at the chance! The invite came from Mrs Whitehouse, Head of Year 8, who had previously been aware of as a customer. The school has previously purchased recycling bins from the website.

We spent a quarter of an hour talking to the whole of Year 8 about the impact on the environment of throwing rubbish into landfill. We gave them some amazing facts to consider – for example, did you know that the amount of rubbish thrown away by homes in the UK every day is enough to fill 190 Olympic-sized swimming pools and weighs as much as 12,000 elephants!

We finished the presentation by examining how the school’s children and staff can improve their recycling practices. Droitwich Spa are well advanced in their thinking about recycling but we know that many schools have yet to take the initiative and get everyone involved in reducing landfill waste.

Says Mrs Whitehouse “It was great having Matt and Hattie from in school to reinforce the message of the importance of recycling in our school. The children were given interesting facts and information about recycling and also good advice about how they could do more. They were encouraged to believe that every small step adds up to make a big difference to our environment.”

Would YOUR school like our recycling presentation?

If your school is located within 100 miles of Cheltenham and you would like us to come and deliver our recycling presentation at an assembly, please contact us.

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