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Boost Your Environmental Credentials: Green Solutions for UK Companies and Schools

In today’s world, prioritising sustainability and environmental responsibility is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. UK companies and schools play a crucial role in driving positive change and can significantly impact the environment through their procurement practices. By embracing eco-friendly solutions, organisations can improve their environmental credentials while making a positive difference. In this […]

How can my school become more sustainable?

There are many ways that schools can become more sustainable, and here are some suggestions: Reduce energy consumption: Schools can reduce energy consumption by turning off lights and electronics when they are not in use, installing energy-efficient light bulbs and equipment, and ensuring that heating and cooling systems are set to appropriate temperatures. Implement recycling […]

Why companies looking to source more eco-friendly business supplies

The demand for eco-friendly business supplies has been on the rise in recent years as companies become more aware of their environmental impact. With the increasing concerns about climate change and the detrimental effects of pollution, more businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices. There are several reasons […]

No “If’s” Just “Butts” – The best ways to actively promote sustainability in the playground

Schools have an important responsibility to set the example for their students and communities when it comes to environmental stewardship. By taking steps to make their school eco-friendly, schools can help teach children about the importance of sustainability as well as lead by example in reducing a school’s carbon footprint. Here are some brilliant and […]

BS 8903: principles and framework for procuring sustainability

Did you know that the world’s first standard for sustainable procurement, BS 8903: Principles and Framework for Procuring Sustainably was launched in summer 2010, here in the UK? Admittedly it didn’t arrive with much of a fanfare, but we think it needs serious consideration (but we’re bound to say that, being procurement specialists!) So what is it? […]

How to green your business (Top Tips No 1)

Tips for a Greener Workplace Here at we are passionate in our desire to help businesses to become greener and more environmentally sustainable. We believe that it?s often the small actions in the workplace that can really make all the difference in lowering your carbon footprint and energy consumption levels. Often these steps can […]