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We Are Transforming The World Together

Green Buying in partnership with We plant trees with Ecologi – making every purchase matter

Every single purchase you make plants a tree in the ground and transforms our world for the better. With Ecologi we make your shipping carbon neutral too, reducing your carbon footprint when you shop with us.

How it works:

  • For every order placed (apart from services) up to £99.99 (net of VAT): 1 tree will be planted.
  • For every single order greater or equal to £100 (net of VAT): 3 trees will be planted.
  • When orders exceed £50 (net of VAT) not only do we offer free shipping, we will also make the shipping carbon neutral (by offsetting the carbon associated with the transportation). This will equate to 250kg per order (which is 500 miles).

Watch the Public Impact Ledger for Carbon Offsets and Ecologi Public Impact and Operations Ledger to check the progress that has been made by Ecologi with our and your help too.

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What Our Clients Say

“I was very pleased at how quickly I received my recent order – I will definitely order from you again.”

Pam Whitehead / The University of Manchester

“Many thanks again for all your help with this fantastic Ship Playhouse. The children are loving the chance to be Viking warriors!”

Sally Whittingham / Oakwood Primary School

“Our new Playground tractor arrived today. Thanks It’s brilliant! Definitely a hit!”

Kelly Browne / The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre

“At Bath Spa, we take our environmental impacts seriously and do what we can to minimise them wherever possible. We’ve recently tackled the difficult and not-so-glamorous issue of preventing sanitary products from clogging up our sewerage system and finding their way into the Bristol Avon. turned out to be an excellent partner in this project, sourcing and providing just the products we were looking for at very competitive rates and at short notice. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Dr Julian Greaves / The University of Manchester

“Our office move meant a downsize operation and getting rid of some furniture and equipment. GreenBuying sounded ideal to avoid sending it to landfill and helping a charity in the process. They were great at getting the word out to the network of charities and it was not long before I was hooked up with a charity helping the homeless. The process was explained very thoroughly and GreenBuying went out of their way to facilitate the connection. I would definitely recommend and use again.”

D.Harding / Alvanon UK Ltd

“As soon as we spoke to GreenBuying I got a good feeling about the professionalism and dedication of the organisation. My options were made very clear from the outset and a promise made that they would be in touch over the next few days. True to their word not only did they get in touch but they also put me in touch with an organisation and agreement reached. I really can’t thank the company enough for all the help they have given us.”

P. Georgiou / Alvanon UK Ltd

“Our children love their new eco play tractor, thanks to!”

Theresa Ray / Kinlet C of E Primary

“On Wednesday 9th September we welcomed the talented team from, a company which specializes in eco-friendly products from stationery to benches. They gave a very informative talk about how they reduce, reuse and recycle materials to make new products. We were also presented with our lovely prize which we won last July and this will find its new home in the new library.”

Julia / Dormer House School


The more I learn about the terrible damage man is inflicting on the earth and its biodiversity, it makes me really sad to think that our young children will inherit this mess (and worse!) when we’re long gone.

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