Last Updated on 04/08/2021

  • I love Christmas – with young kids it makes it even more special. But if only children’s toys weren’t so over packaged. Plus wouldn’t it be great if the vast majority of toys weren’t made of non recyclable mixed plastics and shipped half way round the world!! I am also increasingly uncomfortable with the concept of sending out christmas cards in the post. All that paper and card, all that fuel in moving the cards around.

    Now I don’t pretend that I’ve never sent a Christmas card, and my kids will tell me I’m a fibber if I say I’ve never purchased a plastic toy from overseas (to boycott such things would deem me to be an unfit Dad!). But that said, I’m constantly on the look out for ways to minimise my carbon footprint at Christmas time. Here are some thoughts…

    E-cards; recycled presents from charity shops; old scrap paper for wrapping presents with; recycled cardboard boxes from supermarkets to contain larger presents; selecting gifts which use least amount of packaging; making presents yourself or buy presents that have been made by local people which will in turn help local shops…

    Please leave comments about your own ideas for reducing the carbon footprint this Christmas..

    And finally, as a special gift of our own to everyone this festive season, simply add “TWT1212” into the discount field of our online shop to enjoy a 5% discount off items (this discount lasts until Father Christmas has done his rounds on Christmas Eve!)

    Happy Christmas to all our customers, thanks for supporting in 2012 and we look forward to helping you go green in 2013!

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