Last Updated on 18/07/2022

Hello again. In following from our previous blogs about developing an eco office, here are some more useful tips to become greener in the workplace.

1. Video conferencing

Instead of commuting to meetings, try to use video conferencing. This is an improving technology and it could save your business lots of money in travel and time costs.

2. Bring a Mug

Take a mug or cup to work for your hot drinks. This is much more environmentally friendly than using disposable plastic cups, and your cuppa is all the more personable.

3. Car Pool

If many of your employees have to drive to work and live close to each other, try to encourage car sharing. This will reduce traffic on the roads in the busiest times of the day, and will help to lower carbon emissions. Around 14 % of all greenhouse emissions come from transportation, so even small steps in this area could make all the difference.

4. Wind up Radios

If you have an office radio that needs replacing, think about getting a wind-up radio. These do not need batteries or access to mains electricity. Instead, they need an occasional winding up. This should reduce your office’s energy consumption and give you some exercise!

5. Use Recycled Paper

If you have to use paper in the office (the paperless office still seems to be a while away), try to use recycled paper. The quality of recycled paper has improved a lot in recent years, and is much more sustainable than ordinary paper. For example, WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) states on average, when comparing 1 tonne of 100 % recyclable paper versus ordinary paper, you can save up to 1.32 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Land-filled paper can also generate large amounts of methane, which is a greenhouse gas.

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