Last Updated on 18/07/2022

We hope that you found our last blog useful which gave some green tips for the workplace and developing an eco office. In this post we offer some more helpful advice for a more sustainable business environment.

1. Take items out of your car boot.

Ideally, we should all be commuting to work by foot, bicycle or public transport, but for many of us the daily commute is by car. To increase fuel consumption, remove any unnecessary weight in your boot. For example I bet many people still have a shovel in the boot from the bad weather in December! As well as the green benefits, it will also save you cash as petrol is very expensive at the moment.

2. Buy a plant for the workplace.

Plants are good at absorbing chemicals released by your office equipment, furniture and carpets.

3. Use scrap paper.

Instead of having post-it notes for a quick message, recycle printouts that went wrong or are no longer needed. Cut the A4 paper into scraps and share them out.

4. At tea break…

When you are on the tea/coffee run, only fill up the kettle to a level that you actually need. The Energy Saving Trust say that if we each only boil the water we need instead of filling the kettle right to the top, we could save enough electricity in a year to run about half of all the street lighting nationwide!

5. Mobile Phones.

Many of us charge our mobiles at work, but then do not switch the charger off once the process has been completed The mobile phone company O2 estimates that mobiles left on charge costs over £30 million in wasted energy per year in Britain alone.

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