Last Updated on 15/07/2021

We know from talking to many of our business and household customers that hard water, caused by limescale build up, is costing hundreds of pounds a year (if not thousands if a business) in higher heating costs, appliance maintenance and replacement costs. Hard water will also increase the amount of detergent used for washing clothes.

Where is the Hard Water challenge the greatest in the UK?

The map below shows where hard water is the greatest challenge in the UK. The hardest water is to be found in the east of England, London and the south east and central England up to Manchester. North West and South West England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland tend to have softer water. wants to help businesses and households reduce costs associated with limescale build up BUT crucially is concerned that for many, the typical solution tends to be putting limescale remover chemicals into the water supply or spraying it onto bathroom or kitchen taps, tiles and appliances. Using such chemicals, which contain phosphoric acid is potentially harmful to people’s lungs and to the environment. Another solution is to use filters, but this requires regular maintenance and can be costly.

But the good news is that we now have a much better solution which won’t harm the environment or your cash flow…

We’ve teamed up with a UK Manufacturer of Water Magnetic Conditioners and you can now buy them on at low cost.

These water conditioners provide a constant source of conditioned water, reducing limescale, improving central heating/hot water heating systems and saves fuel. Simply strap onto the incoming water pipe. Plus there is a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on parts/workmanship.

Numerous studies have shown that passing water through a magnetic field can reduce or prevent problems caused by hard water. By fitting a CC10 Water Conditioner to your water pipes you can:

  • Inhibit limescale
  • Remove existing scale
  • Extend the life of plumbing & appliances
  • Keep shower heads & shower screens clean
  • Keep sinks and bath surfaces clean
  • Reduce heating costs

How does it work on water?

Untreated water contains Calcium Carbonate. The crystals form in large clumps in plumbing and equipment, forming a dense insulating material that reduces efficiency and is costly to control or remove.

In water treated by the CC10 unit the crystals do not stick to plumbing or equipment and pass harmlessly through.

Magnetic conditioners can be fitted to all household and commercial water pipes. The unit on sale is aimed at households and small commercial customers. The CC10 is the smallest in a range of conditioner units. If you are a UK business and would like to discuss a solution for any size diameter water pipework, please call 0800 254 0995 and we can help.

Click HERE to go to the water conditioner product page.

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