Last Updated on 15/07/2021

  • How many of us would like to eat more fruit and veg but just don’t seem to have the time? I have certainly in the past bought fruit and veg that’s ended up in the bin a few days later. Making sure i had my “five a day” just didn’t seem to fit in with a busy work schedule and the school run.

    But all this changed when my wife told me about ‘Juicing’ and it all started from there. Wednesday 14th May 2014 will be my 13th day of doing the Juice Detox. I’m following Jason Vale juicing detox plan. So far i’ve enjoyed a range of colourful drinks, from bright greens to brilliant reds (thanks to raw betroot juice!). And amazingly, all being well, i will have lost 1 stone on this day (just 13 days from the start of the plan!) Fingers Crossed!

    But it strikes me that there is a great further benefit of doing this detox, other than weight loss and “detoxification”- and that’s the benefit to the planet. Imagine if huge numbers of the UK population decided that they would juice detox for just two weeks a year.. think of all the food packaging that would not be going into landfill! Think of the reduction in manufacturing processes (with all the power and carbon being generated) that is caused by the fall in processed food manufacturing. And that’s before we consider the drop in NHS resources required through the fall in obesity and diseases that appear to be diminished too- that’s a lot of carbon reduction!!

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